Recommended highlights from our inventory:

Ancient Greek 5th-4th Century BC; Persia; Achaemenid Empire; Gold AV Daric (8.31g); Persian king right with spear and bow; NGC graded Choice XF $3400
Ancient Roman 457-474 AD; Leo I of Eastern Roman Empire; Gold Solidus; Amazing quality with luster of a freshly minted coin; NGC certified GEM MS 5/5 5/5 $14000
Byzantine 527-565 AD; Justinian I; Gold AV Solidus; NGC graded Choice MS 5/5 5/5 $7000
China 1960 (Taiwan) PATTERN 1 Yuan; KM PnA43; Copper nickel; PCGS graded Specimen 62 $2650
Gibraltar 1989; Una and Lion; Gold 2 Sovereigns; KM-29; NGC certified PF-69 Ultra Cameo $3750
Great Britain 1821; George IV; Gold Half Sovereign; S-3802 WR 244 (R3) Reeded edge; By Benedetto Pistrucci; From one of the rarest British proof sets; PCGS certified PROOF-65 Cameo ! $20000
Great Britain 1838; Victoria; Gold Sovereign; first year of Victoria; S.3852; Bright coin; PCGS graded MS-64 $19500
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Gold Half Sovereign; Normal JEB S.3869 Super Gem; PCGS MS65+ $1750
Great Britain 1893; Victoria; Gold 2 Pounds; One of the finest known; Very bright and lustrous; PCGS graded MS-64 $5850
Great Britain 1982; Gold Proof Set; 5 Pounds; 2 Pounds; 1 Sovereign; Half Sovereign; First year of Elizabeth Proof Gold Sets; All coins in perfect condition; Includes original box and COA; NGC PF69 $11800
Vietnam 1841-1847; Annam Nguyen Dynasty; Thieu Tri; Silver 5 Tien Dragon; Looks uncirculated and very attractive; some scratches by characters; Schroeder-261; NGC certified AU details (hairlines) $8500
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Ancient Greek; PTOLEMAIC EGYPT; Arsinöe II Philadelphus 270-268 BC; Posthumous issue of Alexandria issued 193-192 BC; Gold Octodrachm; NGC graded MS 5/5 2/5 SOLD
China 1904 Hupeh Silver Tael; Small characters; LM 180; Y 128.2; Bright coin with great luster; PCGS certified MS-63+ SOLD
China 1919; Shanghai; Fantasy 25 Tael Gold; struck around 1919 in Shanghai; large 70.7g; diameter 48mm; UNC SOLD
China 1928; Kweichow; First Road (Auto Dollar) L&M 609; Nice grey color and good details; NGC graded AU-55 ! SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1951; Gold Dukat 4 coin Set of 10 Ducats; 5 Ducats; 2 Ducats and 1 Ducat; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); very rare set; UNC SOLD
Japan 1725-1837 (Kyoho Era) Gold Oban; Original ink with certificate from the JNDA; Very rare! SOLD
Tibet 1910; Gold Tangka; extremely rare; approximately 6 known with one of those impounded at the British Museum! Grade XF SOLD
US 1795; Gold $5 (Half Eagle); Small eagle reverse; The first gold coin struck for the United States! Grade UNC (some field hairlines) SOLD